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Blogging is so 90's

Posted on 23/7/2011 | 3125 reads | Tags: Mobile Tech
Mobile Tech
The site is recovered. But what to do with it? Back in 2003 when I started, having a blog was "cool but geeky". Now its kind of "lame and 90's". I have other sites now dedicated to the stuff people actually read (ie. technology). And the personal stuff...well that might work better on Google+. And frankly, I did get a bit tired of evil people trolling through this blog to find things they can use against me [you know who you are...and you can fuck off]. It's kind of funny to go back and look at the 'technology' I wrote about in the past (check out the technology icon!). But one thing that happened fairly recently is that I started programming PHP. Most of the software modules running on this site I wrote myself. Cool, huh? Meanwhile, Thailand has completed half a spin. The yellow shirts eventually got their way and the government fell. Then it was the red shirts turn to protest and eventually they got their way. We'll have to wait and see what happens next. Probably, more of the same.

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