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The government is dead

Posted on 31/12/2008 | 1449 reads
The government is dead. In the end it was removed by peaceful means: The Constitution Court ordered the dissolution of the three main coalition parties for electoral fraud.

Some of the survivors have abandoned Dear Leader Thaksin and sided with the opposition, who now have the numbers to form their own coalition government. This really came as a complete surprise to me, but really, the country just couldn't continue like that.


Airport closed by protestors

Posted on 1/12/2008 | 1354 reads
The protestors - tens of thousands of them - have occupied the airport and shut it down. There are no more flights into or out of Bangkok.

I'm not sure I agree with this tactic - it is going to cause a lot of collateral damage to the tourism industry. It is also kind of a massive problem for Thai people stuck overseas wanting to come home, and for tourists stuck in Thailand trying to get out.

I've got a couple of meetings in Vietnam this week, so instead of flying direct to Ho Chi Minh City I'll be driving to Phuket (11 hours), staying overnight, flying to Kuala Lumpur and then flying to Ho Chi Minh. (There's also another four hour taxi ride once I get there as the meetings are in Can Tho).


Thai Government heads to the hills

Posted on 28/11/2008 | 1264 reads
It's pathetic. The Thai Government has left Bangkok and moved to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand due to 'tensions with the military'. Chiang Mai is, coincidentally, the home town of the deposed ex-Prime Minister and criminal fugitive, Thaksin Shinatwatra.

Guys, it's time to stop pretending you're running the country.


The tanks are rolling

Posted on 27/11/2008 | 1232 reads
There's too many reports to ignore now: The army is on the move and tanks are once again in the streets.

The army claims the tanks are 'returning from a training exercise' and troops are 'moving to secure locations from clashing protest groups'. However, it's more likely that this is the army flexing a few muscles as a last-ditch warning to the government. Jump or be pushed.

Time to stock up on beer and instant noodles!! They often turn the internet off when these sorts of things happen, so don't be suprised if this website vanishes into the either for a while.


Option 3

Posted on 27/11/2008 | 1298 reads
Reports of tank movements are starting to circulate this afternoon, apparently there's some been seen in the vicinity of the airport, and some at Democracy Monument.

A committee headed by the Army Chief last night recommended that the Prime Minister resign and call elections. The Prime Minister refused. Since the government won't go voluntarily, at this point there's only three options left:

1. The legal means is to wait for the Constitutional Court to finalise its judgement on the case against the government for electoral fraud, which will likely result in dissolution of the government.

2. The second way out is to stage a coup, which the military genuinely seems to want to avoid.

A complicating factor is that thousands of anti-government protestors have seized the airports. All flights to and from Bangkok are cancelled. The government can't tolerate the economic damage this is causing, yet they can't storm the airport either - the armed forces won't cooperate and besides, its also full of thousands of stranded travellers.

The court case is the best way out for everyone, but unfortunately its probably going to take too long. A reluctant coup is beginning to look increasingly likely.

But my bet is on a third option: HM the King will intervene to avoid an escalation of the conflict.


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