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State of Emergency: Show's over

Posted on 18/4/2009 | 2782 reads
The rioting is over. The army pushed the 'red shirt' mob back to government house, then their leaders decided to call off the protest and everyone got on the bus and went home! I was initially critical of the government's response to the rampaging mob but at the end of the day they managed to defuse the situation without use of violence. Kudos to them.

Unfortunately, the tourism industry has been totally flushed down the toilet. I had a bunch of friends coming in for a big event next month but they have almost all cancelled due to political instability. This was important to me, so I am kind of utterly pissed off right now.

I guess the news only shows footage of burning and looting and people get the idea that the whole city is like that, when actually it is just a few small areas. To put the 'danger' from the protest into perspective:

* 4 people were killed as a result of this week's political violence, and about 90 injured.

* 373 people were killed in road accidents over the same period, and more than 4,000 were injured.

The DFAT travel advisory for Thailand is full of dire warnings about political violence, but what it should really say is "don't drive in Thailand because its bloody dangerous".


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