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Blogging is so 90's

Posted on 23/7/2011 | 3140 reads | Tags: Mobile Tech
Mobile Tech
The site is recovered. But what to do with it? Back in 2003 when I started, having a blog was "cool but geeky". Now its kind of "lame and 90's". I have other sites now dedicated to the stuff people actually read (ie. technology). And the personal stuff...well that might work better on Google+. And frankly, I did get a bit tired of evil people trolling through this blog to find things they can use against me [you know who you are...and you can fuck off]. It's kind of funny to go back and look at the 'technology' I wrote about in the past (check out the technology icon!). But one thing that happened fairly recently is that I started programming PHP. Most of the software modules running on this site I wrote myself. Cool, huh? Meanwhile, Thailand has completed half a spin. The yellow shirts eventually got their way and the government fell. Then it was the red shirts turn to protest and eventually they got their way. We'll have to wait and see what happens next. Probably, more of the same.


Posted on 23/7/2011 | 3299 reads | Tags: Rants and raves
It's been a long time. Let's just say I lost control of the domain and moved onto other things. It finally expired, and now I'm back. The Second Coming of the Lost Posts is at hand... ...and here they are.

My new home network

Posted on 2/5/2009 | 3400 reads
Just finished setting up the LAN in my new apartment with a few new toys and a blazingly fast (for Thailand) internet connection. It is damn cool, even if I have to say so myself!

The gateway to my network is a WRT54GL wireless router, which has been reflashed with open source Tomato firmware. I just love this thing. It has rock-solid stability, SSH access with key-based authentication and one variant supports OpenVPN so I can access my network remotely. It was also ridiculously cheap at around $60. Thanks for the recommendation Stu!

I also recently bought a QNAP TS-439 Pro network attached storage device. It wasn't cheap, but it is cool. I fitted it with 4 x 500 GB drives for a conservative 1.3 terabytes of storage. With a bit of dicking around I managed to install rsnapshot on it, which will be used to run automated rotating daily/weekly/monthly backups to a second (much cheaper) NAS, a D-Link DNS 323. The D-Link has also been hacked to install shell access and rsnapshot using Funplug.

Connecting it all together is a Linksys SD2005 five-port gigabit switch. Gigabit LAN is cool, I can copy files to the NAS at around 40MB/s. Woohoo!!!

Now for the fun part: Remote access. The router and both NAS boxes have SSH facilties. I registered a hostname for the router with DynDNS so it's easy to find and login in vis SSH and subsequently access the NAS as well. Unfortunately, my home desktop, laptop and work machine are all Vista, so I set up a Hamachi VPN to connect them, with i) remote desktop and ii) a single folder shared on each machine for file exchange. I can just dump some files in the share before I leave work and they'll be there waiting for me when I get home, and vice versa. If I need to work on a machine directly I just login with remote desktop.

Having remote access to both home and work networks is incredibly convenient. I don't need to go the office anymore. The only reason I go is to convince the boss that I'm actually working and deserve to be paid. Practically speaking, my webserver is in the US and my home computer facilites are far better than the crap we have at work, so why waste an hour an a half travelling back and forth every day?

My remaining projects are to get OpenVPN running on the router so I can access NAS shares directly (Hamachi is strictly peer-to-peer, and it isn't available for the NAS), and to connect my new 40" Series 7 Samsung flatscreen TV to the LAN. It has a LAN port in the back and supposedly can access shared media files from the NAS. Not convinced, but we'll see.


New look for my website

Posted on 18/4/2009 | 3297 reads
I built a new 'Wet Tropics' theme for my website this week while I was housebound, hope you like it. The big photo area livens up the site a lot. I can also change it in different areas of the site using the custom block positions feature of ImpressCMS. It is a table-free CSS-based layout. It even validates !!! Got to get out and take some cool photos now


PS: Some credits for the theme: The colour scheme and basic layout is inspired by Ed Merritt's Ocean Mist theme for Wordpress. It was built using two ImpressCMS wireframe themes as a starting point for the template code and CSS - Barebones by Nachenko and Razorburn by MrTheme.

State of Emergency: Show's over

Posted on 18/4/2009 | 2806 reads
The rioting is over. The army pushed the 'red shirt' mob back to government house, then their leaders decided to call off the protest and everyone got on the bus and went home! I was initially critical of the government's response to the rampaging mob but at the end of the day they managed to defuse the situation without use of violence. Kudos to them.

Unfortunately, the tourism industry has been totally flushed down the toilet. I had a bunch of friends coming in for a big event next month but they have almost all cancelled due to political instability. This was important to me, so I am kind of utterly pissed off right now.

I guess the news only shows footage of burning and looting and people get the idea that the whole city is like that, when actually it is just a few small areas. To put the 'danger' from the protest into perspective:

* 4 people were killed as a result of this week's political violence, and about 90 injured.

* 373 people were killed in road accidents over the same period, and more than 4,000 were injured.

The DFAT travel advisory for Thailand is full of dire warnings about political violence, but what it should really say is "don't drive in Thailand because its bloody dangerous".


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